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Our Services

Since our incorporation in 1983, intermodal drayage from and to the CN and CP ramps in Montreal (QC) has been our main business as well as work in and out of the Montreal ports.

We operate with a secured facility within 3 miles of both CN and CP ramps.
Our fleet comprises 4 company trucks, 15 owner-operators and 12 chassis, including two quad chassis.
We can also handle your hazardous materials as our dispatchers and drivers are HAZMAT certified.

We can and will provide back-up documents within 48 hours of shipment if required.

For more details on our services, please read below:

Customer added services
       • Good line of communication with railroad terminal management.
        • Customer website maintenance.
        • Provision of CN IMX train reservation.
        • Daily tracing equipment and troubleshooting issues that arise.
        • Over 125 years of intermodal experience shared by office staff.
        • Drivers remunerated hourly for optimum results and quality services.
        • Serving Quebec, Ontario and Eastern Canada.

       • Experienced safety and compliance manager to ensure our drivers' safety remains our highest priority.
       • GPS equipped trucks.
        • GPS portable for intermodal containers.
        • High risk and high value policy procedures.
        • Secure yard with gate and guard 24/7 as well as surveillance cameras.
        • Yearly driver bonus based on safety records.
        • Pre-trip inspection procedures.

Intermodal Industry Procedures
       • Knowledge of seal integrity.
        • Good supply of EMHU equipment (subject to availability).
        • Compliance to the Blume Global (REZ-1) conditions.
        • 98% commitment to the intermodal drayage.
        • 48 hours commitment to supply back-up documents.

Commitment to the industry
        As a drayman, we have a responsibility toward the intermodal community to ensure our part is done following the right means and supplying quality services.